Episode 5: History of American Haiku Part II, The Beat Poets

Donna Beaver and Alan Pizzarelli continue their discussion with guest Cor van den Heuvel on the history of American haiku highlighting the Beat Poets. This episode also features a reading and discussion of haiku poetry by Allen Ginsberg from his lectures at Naropa University.

Intro poem:

The first snow,
Just enough to bend
The leaves of the daffodils
— Matsuo Basho


Special thanks to Bob Rosenthal, the Allen Ginsberg Project and Naropa University for the haiku segments from Allen Ginsberg's poetry classes, "On Vividness and Close Observation in Writing" (1982) and "On Writing Poetry" (1984) at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Allen Ginsberg Project:  http://www.allenginsberg.org/

Naropa University Archives:  

City Lights Books, San Francisco: Photo by Dave Glass