Episode 37: Not Exactly Haiku

Join us for a lighthearted fun episode in observance of “Bad Poetry Day.”  Al and Donna discuss three books that fit the occasion.  Spoiler Alert!  Not ALL of the poems are bad.

In this episode, you will hear us mention a lesser known haiku-related form called, Zappai.   Zappai also includes “pseudohaiku” which are verses such as Spam-ku, gothic-ku, sci-fi-ku, and others. Many poems posted on social media, including on Twitter, Facebook, and in some newspapers, blogs, and in popular published books — are frequently zappai.

We review and discuss the following books, which are not exactly haiku,  including: 

  • Haiku for the Single Girl (2011), by Beth Griffenhagen
  • Zombie Haiku (2008) & Vampire Haiku  (2009) by Ryan Mecum



Photograph: Buster Keaton (parody)
Public Domain