Episode 16: The Four Pillars Part III – Issa: The Uses of Adversity

Kobayashi Issa, Japan's most beloved haiku poet is put under a microscope by Anita Virgil in order to distinguish and delineate three basic directions his poems take.

Read the complete essay, “Issa: The Uses of Adversity”  (PDF 197kb)  
by Anita Virgil


Intro haiku:

My Spring?
A single bamboo –
A willow twig.
— Issa

Graphic Design/Collage: Donna Beaver & Alan Pizzarelli 
Note: Background Woodblock painting by Utagawa, Kuniyoshi, 1798-1861 (Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division); Issa portrait drawn by Muramatsu Shunpo 1772-1858 (Public Domain Works).