Episode 14: The Four Pillars Part II – Buson's Two Candles


Buson's Two Candles" is a very private interpretation/expansion of appreciation for this poet's breadth of subject matter and his variety of "styles" of writing. Anita Virgil, an artist by training, viewed Yosa Buson's original artwork at Asia House in NYC.

Read the complete essay, “Buson's Two Candles”  (PDF 197kb)  
by Anita Virgil


Intro haiku:

Lighting the lantern,
The yellow chrysanthemums
Lose their colour.
— Buson

Example of Buson as artist (right).  Kite and Crows by Yosa Buson (1716 - 1784). Pair of hanging scrolls, 18th century (Kitamura Art Museum). From Wikimedia Commons (public domain).


Featured & Banner Art,  A Little Cuckoo Across a Hydrangea, also by Buson.