Episode 9: The Definition


If you thought haiku was just a 17 syllable nature poem, you have another think coming! Important insights and distinctions are discussed by Anita Virgil.  She discloses her letter from Harold G. Henderson stating why he wanted haiku re-defined. The final definitions he approved are all here.

Intro Poem:

snowflakes begin...
at the cellar window
the red geranium blooms
— Anita Virgil


Books referenced, One Potato Two Potato Etc., Peaks Press, copyright 1991 by Anita Virgil; A Haiku Path, The Haiku Society of America 1968-1988, copyright 1994 by The Haiku Society of America, Inc.

Harold G. Henderson, Photograph by Leroy Kanterman.  Background and banner photo of books by Barta IV (Flickr, creative commons)