Episode 28: Tea Talk – Danger on Peaks & Back on the Fire

Haiku Chronicles is back on the fire with a discussion and review of two books by poet and writer, Gary Snyder, “Danger on Peaks” and “Back on the Fire” with hosts Donna Beaver and Alan Pizzarelli. This episode includes excerpts of Gary Snyder reading from his book, “Danger on Peaks” and more.

Episode 26: Ants on the Sidewalk (video)

HC Episode 26: Ants of the Sidewalk A video montage of urban haibun, haiku and senryu featuring poets, Naia, Deborah P Kolodji and Gregory Longenecker; with photographs, video clips and classic jazz music. Special thanks to the poets and photographers who contributed to this episode. Thanks to jazz-on-line.com for the public domain classic jazz music. […]